Re-think Print software is a fully automated Web-to-Print, Print Management and Pack-N-Print ("gang-run") software solution for Printers, Print Brokers and Entrepreneurs.


Print outside the box! Become a dynamic state of the art internet printer. Every commercial printing company has been affected by the down turn in the economy, printing going digital and to the internet.

Stop losing sales and build your business through all of the advantages our software offers.

Print Brokers & Entrepreneurs

Sell more and Profit more with your own automated online printing business. Our Web-to-Print & Print Management software package for Print Brokers & Entrepreneurs allows you to create a fully customizable online printing business. The software package allows you to manage all orders, manage and customize your products, determine pricing for your products and much more. It is also a robust business management system.

Web-to-Print & Print Managment Software

Start your own online printing business!
Increase your Sales and Profits
Accelerate your workflow
Benefits & Features:
  • Fully customizable
  • Manage and customize your products
  • Determine pricing for all products
  • Manage all incoming orders
  • Manage sales reps, vendors and suppliers
  • Robust business management system

  • Re-think Print's Web-to-Print and Print Management software package is a fully automated solution. The software is designed to help accelerate your workflow, increase productivity and increase profits. The software package is fully customizable for both printers and resellers.

    The software package is distributed as Software as a Service (SaaS). Customers are given an access key that allows them to access their personal version of the software from virtually any computer. All information is stored in a highly secure database that can only be accessed using your personal login information. Customers are provided a personal dedicated secure database. Since our software package is sold as a SaaS, all software updates are automatic.

    The software package consists of three applications: Store, Customer and Admin.

    Built-in tools include:
  • Pricing modules
  • Shipping module integrated with FedEx & UPS
  • Marketing module
  • Precise reporting
  • Accurate real-time order & sales statistics
  • Secure payment system
  • Google analytics
  • and much more!

  • Store & Customer Applications

    The Store and Customer Applications make up the front-end of the software. Also known as the storefront, this is a website for marketing products and processing job orders. Clients can browse products, receive pricing and process job orders anytime and from any location.

    Store Application

    The Store Application is designed to market products and expand your business by gaining new clients. The Store Application allows clients to browse products and create accounts via the website for free. Clients who choose to create an account are granted access to pricing and able to place orders. If preferred the Store application gives you the option to make your Store website public accessible, allowing anyone to receive pricing and process job orders. The software is integrated with a secure payment system, and all payments made via the website are verified before the actual order is processed. So therefore, if you choose to make your Store website public there is security.

    Customer Application

    The Customer Application is designed so clients are able to login to their account and receive pricing, place job orders, add/edit/delete profile information and also manage pending orders.

    Admin Application

    The Admin Application is the back-end of the Store & Customer website and Print Management System. It consists of an Administration System for the Store & Customer and a Content Management System, both with integrated features.

    The Administration System manages products, pricing, shipping, job orders, customers, marketing, sales reps, vendors, suppliers and much more. In addition the Administration System's integrated features include accurate real-time order and sales statistics, precise reporting, a secure payment system, utilization of google analytics and customizable modules and widgets.

    The built-in Content Management System controls the website''s design, layout and content. In addition the system has seamless integration with managing products and pricing displayed on the website. These systems work in parallel together as the Admin Application.

    Pack-N-Print Software

    Become a "gang-run" printer with Pack-N-Print software.
    It's as simple as 1,2,3...
    1. PLAN
    2. IMPOSE
    3. PACK ("gang")
    Benefits & Features:
  • Avoid Human Error
  • Auto Ganging
  • Automation based on Holistic Optimization
  • Seamless JDF Integration
  • Innovative UI Eliminates Learning Curve
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Packaging Workflow
  • Webfed Support

  • Auto Ganging

    With a single click it can automatically gang multiple print jobs across different sheet sizes, materials and presses. Pack-N-Print can combine jobs of different quantities, colors & coating requirements. With Pack-N-Print, the user has the option to pool the entire day's jobs together, set the priorities and then automatically generate a gang layout just-in-time for production. Such a workflow will enable the organizer to absorb last minute changes in job priorities.

    Automation based on Holistic Optimization

    Pack-N-Print is a CIP4/JDF certified job-planning software that minimizes cost by optimal usage of resources such as printing press, printing materials and finishing efficiencies.

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